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Education- "Should I have the photographer there while I'm getting my hair and makeup done?

This is one of the very first questions I will ask you when we set down to build the timeline of your wedding day- "When do you want me there?" While it seems like I’m setting you up for failure when I’ve promised that I would build your timeline for you, I’m really not! With the exception of our largest package, you generally only have us on the day of your wedding for 8 hours unless you decide to add more on. So when I ask you when you want us to start shooting, what I mean is- do you want us there while you are getting your hair and makeup done? Here are a few tips and suggestions to think about to help you make that decision.

Did you book our unlimited package? If so, then heck yes you want us there! Why not?! You have us all day so why not get those shots of you and your girls getting your glam on?

Did you pay for all of your bridesmaids to have cute robes and plan to pop some Champaign? Are you paying for a suite at a hotel (our favorite hands down is Hotel Indigo by the way)? If so, then let’s see how we can arrange it so that we can be there for at least part of the time without blowing too much time on your 8 hours. We can generally get all of the “Getting Ready” in less than 45 minutes since we are good at posing what we know you will ultimately want to see in your images.

Another big question is- “Are you okay with us taking your picture without your makeup on or your hair up in curlers?” Some are, and some are not. It’s all on what you are comfortable with and what you have in mind for the final images of your big day. (Also, would you want those images on the blog? If not, tell us in advance.) Also, ask yourself if you see yourself using these images in your album or are they more just for fun? Again, fun images we’ve got you covered! No worries there! If you are wanting a true documentary style of the entire day though- that’s more time than our general 45 minutes.

Basically what it comes down to is, what do you want? How do you see your day going down and what level are you wanting it to be documented? We are always more than happy with whatever level you pick, and will gladly help guide you in building your most perfect wedding day timeline.

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