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Education- Who Should Be On Your "Must Shoot List?"

Today we are talking all about who needs to be on your “Must Shoot List” for the day of your wedding (and yes, I am aware of how violent my job sounds!) I know that this can be a huge, daunting task because everyone that you’ve invited seems important- and they are- but they don’t all need to be in a professional shot with you. Hopefully this list will help guide you when sitting down with your fiancé on who does and does not need to be included.

First up- you will never need to include any members of your wedding party on the list. They are a given! They have to be in pictures whether they want to or not- haha! Same goes for immediate family members- mom, dad and siblings and step parents and grandparents.

When listing who you want in the pictures, it will help us immensely if you write it like this:

Karen- MOB (mother of the Bride), Steve- brother or Katie- flower girl and niece of bride

If we know what their relationship is, it helps us when setting up groups (plus it will remind us of their names since we are always trying to remember about 50 names at every wedding!)

Unique groups- did your whole rugby or football team make the trek to your wedding and you all haven’t been together in 5 years? That’s an awesome shot and memory. We generally shoot these during the reception and just ask the DJ to make an announcement.

Extended family. This is where it gets tricky, folks. My rule of thumb after 7 years in the business? KISS- Keep It Simple… Silly! Think to your self- will this shot be one that I must have in my album? Generally not unless it’s your very immediate family. Also, keep in mind that for every group shot that we spend time setting up and shooting takes 5-8 minutes and those 5-8 minutes come directly from our time to photograph the bride and groom. Is this group shot worth missing those minutes? If so, add it! Another little tid bit- everyone one and their 98 year old grandma has a smart phone these days. They are all standing behind me while I take the time to set up these shots taking their own picture anyhow. Why not just let them do it themselves at the reception long after we’re done with pictures of the 2 of you?

So how now you’ve figured out who is on your Must Shoot List- now what? Well, tell them! When we set up your timeline for the wedding day, we will go over when each group needs to be when and where. Make sure you relay this information to them BEFORE the day of the wedding! That way if they are in a group that we are shooting as soon as the ceremony is over they will know to stay in their seats. Otherwise they’re heading out with the rest of the guests to the reception and we lose even more time tracking them down. (or they’re in the bathroom, someone loudly announces that and then when they walk into the room they are majorly embarrassed because they know that we all know where they were. Don’t do that to Uncle Bob! It’s not fun!)

Last but not least- if there is a group that you really don’t want to spend time on but MOB or MOG (Mother of the groom) has her heart set on- shoot it. It’s not worth upsetting your mom, and I will make up the time- no worries. Then everyone is happy and isn’t that really what the day is about anyhow?

This is my baby sister and while I was not on her list, I forced my way onto it! I love this picture!!

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