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You'll never know.

Yesterday was one for the books. It was a stunning wedding with an amazing wedding party, the details were a photographers dream and the couple, well, Morgan and Ryan were perfect. I have so many images that I cannot wait to show you but last night as we left after 13 hours of shooting I knew there was one image that I had to share- the one below.

I know, just to look at it you are probably wondering- "Um, Nowelle? Are you sure only 4 hours of sleep last night hasn't effected your head?" Yeah, it probably has, but not in this case. I set this shot up of Morgan and her amazing bridesmaids and her mom and friends and took the image. As soon as I was done Morgan asked me to hand off my camera to my assistant , Shelby, and get in the picture. Morgan, I won't lie. You kinda made me want to cry. Never has a bride asked me to get in a shot with some of the most important people in her life. Not that I expect them to! Technically, I'm there working. We have a "working relationship" and when was the last time you asked for a selfie with your dentist?? However, I am finally seeing that the way I run my business is truly making a difference. I had NO business experience, when I started this adventure. I will be the first to tell you that I don't know squat about marketing and the thought of advertising gives me hives. How is it then that I am busier than I have ever imaged? Maybe it's my images, but that's not what I keep hearing from brides and even grooms that I have worked with. In all of the testimonials very few mention my images or my work. Over an over it is about the way I treat people. Not something I ever thought would make a hill of a difference in business but it seems to have become my "thing". I look at each of my couples as friends. I know them, I know their story and they know that I can be slightly crazy and they haven't run away yet. I believe with my whole heart that capturing their wedding day is an honor. So yesterday when Morgan asked me to be in a photo, something that for her might not have seemed like a big deal, it was a HUGE deal for me. While I look at my couples as friends, I realize that they look at me the same way.

Thank you for asking me to photograph your wedding. Thank you for asking me to be in an image (please ignore the fact that I have 0 makeup on and as usual my hair is crazy.) But most of all, thank you for including me in your group of friends. It means more to me than you will ever know.

I promise though- the next pictures I post will be of the 2 of you and just wait- they are going to be AMAZING!!! Congratulations again, Mr. & Mrs. Thayer! It was our pleasure to work with you.

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