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My little actor, Benjamin!

Warning- proud mama blog post! Today my little guy is in a play at school that they have been practicing for since the 2nd week of school. There are moments when he is exactly like me (which generally drives me insane). However, this love of performing and being in the spotlight is not from me- nor is it from his father! We are both pretty quiet, introverted people. (I know what you're thinking- if you've ever been to a wedding that I am photographing quiet and introverted might not sound like me at all. I promise the 'wedding Nowelle' is not my typical personality.)

Benjamin, however, is all about the spotlight and being center stage. He has a personality that is almost larger than life and wants to always be entertaining those around him. He is the king of bad dad jokes and one liners and has me laughing so often during the day that I wonder if he is really mine! But he is, and every single day I am thankful for that.

So if it is radio silent today, you'll know why. I'm switching hats and watching my little thespian steal the spotlight.

Break a leg, Benjamin!

(That's really hard as a mom to even put into writing!)

(He's the one in blue in the top middle)

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