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Friday Fives- What we love about weddings!

You guys, it is finally FRIDAY!!! Okay, so I might be more excited than usual but I actually have a couple of really unique sessions this weekend so can you blame me?!

So today we are continuing our Friday Fives with another fun one- 5 things we love about weddings! Here we go!

5- Cake! Hello- did you really think we'd skip this one?! Nowelle's son likes to tell people that his mom "only shoots weddings because of the cake!" While that might not be completely accurate it's also a very nice perk!

4- First Looks- I know we talked about why to do them earlier this week (if you missed it, you can check it out HERE.) But this is also one thing we love most about wedding days. Why? We get to be the only other people in the room when all of those emotions hit and it is always a beautiful thing. That moment that he looks at her and smiles because he knows he's the luckiest guy on this planet- pure magic. And we get to capture it. Ah, we love First Looks!!

3- Groomsmen at the reception! They're finally allowed to cut loose and have some adult beverages and they go from stuck in a monkey suit and uncomfortable to channeling their inner John Travolta and we just stand on the sidelines and capture it for blackmail, I mean memories, for the couple! ;)

2- First dances- especially parents dances! If I (Nowelle) am likely to cry at any point during the day it is during the Mother/son dance because I start thinking about when I will do that one day with my little guy (after he turns 45, of course!) It is also a pretty common time for the bride to cry because the emotions of the day seem to hit. It's her first quiet moment and she's dancing with her dad. Emotions are high and those moments are always high on our favorite list!

1- Hello! We get paid to attend the biggest party you've ever thrown! Think about that one. Every time we go to work, we are literally going to the best party of your life. Remind me again why any job on this planet is better than that! You can't because this is the BEST JOB EVER!!!

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