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Corban- Class of 2018

This is the first year ever where I have photographed over double the number of senior guys than senior girls! It's so crazy to me! I had the chance to work with Corban and his mom last week and he was actually my only senior all week out of 11 sessions that scored sun in his pictures!

We started out a Columbus East in the wrestling room where Corban spends most of his time. He has been wrestling since he was young, and by the massive amount of medals and trophies he's pretty good at it! Mom said she only brought part of the medals and I think Corban might have been glad since I had him standing with them hanging on his arms for several minutes!

After that we headed to a private farm and finished his session. It was a great evening, and I was really excited to finally shoot without ending up soaking wet in the rain! Oh, and the first time I met Corban he was 4 years old, so I felt ancient by the time he left! How did that happen?! I swear we just moved to Columbus yesterday, right?! Not sure where the last 13 years have gone but at least they've been fun!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!

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