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Macy's Styled 80's Rock Shoot

One of my favorite parts of being a Senior Photographer is when Seniors come to me with an idea and basically ask me to take that idea and find a way to turn it into an epic styled shoot. That's exactly what Macy did when we shot her actual session this past Summer. It may have taken us almost 8 months to get everything in order but the final results are perfect.

Macy wanted a 70's and 80's styled shoot that included her love of the music and fashion from those eras. It was countless emails and trips of carrying all the gear and props, but I think we achieved her dream shoot. As a fellow music lover and a total 80's girl, I had a bit of envy that these weren't my own photos while we were shooting!

The theater we were shooting in was FREEZING cold especially when Macy had on just a tee shirt and skirt and we may have been completely filthy by the end, but the final images are so epic that neither one of us were complaining.

Tell me in the comments- what would you want to include in your own styled shoot?

Her eyes! They are so gorgeous!

This looks like her debut album cover to me!

Class of 2022- don't blink. Your senior year is almost over!

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