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If you've been following us for a minute, you know that every year I plan a big styled shoot for my incoming Senior Influencers. Last year was The Sandlot and our Sports Queens sessions which were AMAZING! (Click the links on both of those titles to check them out if you missed the fun.)

But now that we are finally done photographing The Class of 2021, I can share this year's big styled shoot. This year, we are doing things a little bit different, so let me explain.

The last few years we've had a Senior Rep program. This year, we've evolved and now we have our Senior Influencer Program. Throughout the year our Senior and Junior Influencers will be participating in several mini styled shoots and our theme is Friends!

If you know me at all, you probably know that I am obsessed with the show Friends. I can tell you exactly what I was doing (working at Home hospital on second shift) when the final episode aired.

So here it is, the first of several styled Friends themed shoots. Tell me by the end of it that you aren't singing "I'll be there for you!"

(Don't miss the videos- those umbrellas were a bit tricky to open!) 😂

Also, this is the official opening of our Class of 2022 Senior Season, so if you are graduating in 2022 or have a child who will be graduating next year, get them a consultation ASAP to plan their custom session! Click Contact Us to inquire.

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