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Sandlot Session- Your 2021 Senior Guy Reps

AHHH! I am so excited to share this styled session with you guys finally! Every year I try to plan a custom session for my Senior Reps but this one is big. I had the idea for this session years ago when my son's little league team won their tourney but it just didn't pan out. I have been waiting for the chance to recreate a Sandlot inspired session ever since. Fast forward to this past Spring and as the applications for 2021 senior reps started rolling in I noticed one big thing- they were all baseball players. I started getting really excited, but had one major hurdle to jump through. Convincing these 6 senior guys to go along with my crazy idea as well as their moms. Let me explain. When they sign up to be a Rep, yes, they get this session for free- sort of. The moms and seniors spent hours looking for the perfect outfits, recruiting a few more players to fill out the team, rounding up gear, purchasing P.F. Flyers- the shoes that Benny The Jet wore in the movie. Not to mention the fact that we also had 2 outfit changes after these photos. So when they sign up for being a Rep, it's truly a commitment.

When I sent the email out to the parents and students about this idea I was so nervous! So much so that I sent it out late at night and then instantly shut off my phone.

What if they said no?

What if they think this idea is beyond dumb?

What if all of them are on board but one?

Full disclosure: I tend to doubt myself A LOT.

When I woke up the next morning I have a big surprise. All of the guys were on board!

We planned to shoot just after Spring Break... and then, COVID.

But we made it work last week and I seriously couldn't love these images more.

Thank you to the parents that hunted down outfits, and got everyone in the same place at the right time.

Thank you to Emily for loaning us the most perfect dog to play the part of Hercules.

Thank you to the extra boys who aren't Reps but still came to fill out our team and went along with this crazy lady and her nutso ideas.

And thank you to all 6 of our Senior Reps. Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas in the blazing heat on a Friday night at dinner time and doing multiple outfit changes.

If you see any of these guys in the next few weeks they will soon have Rep cards to pass out. These will get you a discount to plan your own custom session.

Here are your 2021 Senior Reps:

Parker Harrison

Ben Major

Reese Harmon

Kaden Wise

JB Bailey

Jacob Pierce

(Part 2 & 3 of this session coming soon!)

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