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Jamon- Class of 2018

You guys, fall was slammed, winter hasn't been any different and now we are staring at Spring in the very near future, and things have yet to slow down here at the studio. I guess this is just our new "norm." And while I swear I'm not complaining- promise-but I am just now getting around to blogging all of these awesome sessions we shot several months ago. So think of the next couple of weeks on the blog as Spring Cleaning catch up!

Up first, Jamon. Jamon is a senior at Columbus East High School, and unless you've been living under a rock, you might have heard about him and some of his friends a time or two this past fall. I guess those guys on the Columbus East football team were good- or something this year?? Just kidding! They were awesome!

I was lucky enough to work with several of the senior players this year and as the mom of a boy, it really increased my "cool factor" at home with my 9 year old. Well, when it came time to shoot Jamon's session (on one of the coldest days of the fall by the way!) my son had to come with and he was so excited! Jamon shot the first part of his session at Columbus East as well as at their football field and then we went downtown for the second part. You would never guess all of the rest of us behind the camera were bundled up by the fact that he seemed just fine in his short sleeves but it was FREEZING!

Here are just a few favorites from his session.

Also, there are still a few spots available for senior sessions this spring but they will go fast! Moms, if you want one, click this Contact Us link now!

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