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Let's Celebrate!

"God found some of the strongest women and made them nurses."


I was so honored when Elizabeth (whose wedding I am photographing later this year) asked me to snap a couple of graduation images for her as she is finishing nursing school. When she then asked if she could include a couple of her closest friends who are also graduating with their BSN, there was no hesitation in mind. Of course you can! We met at IUPUC where on Saturday they will be awarded with their diplomas and had an amazing time. It was crazy windy and those gowns gave us fight but I think it was totally worth looking like Dementors for a few minutes, right ladies?! Haha!

Oh, and just so that we avoid the angry emails that I can already see coming. Yes, I am aware you are not allowed to have alcohol on campus. This was sparkling grape juice and totally non-alcoholic! (I know you think I'm kidding but $20 says I still get at least one email!)

Congratulations, ladies! I was honored to capture this moment for you and welcome to the amazing sisterhood of nurses. (and brotherhood!)

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