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Mr. & Mrs. Barker

Jill & Austin. It's Friday morning and I am prepping for our last wedding of the season tomorrow so my brain is shot. I'd love to say tons of pretty words about these two but all I can say is that I adore Jill & Austin. I am so lucky that they asked me to capture their perfect wedding day. These are people that I will be forcing to be my friends for years to come (sorry guys, it's easier if you just accept me and move on. Don't fight it.) We quote The Office back and forth. They love animals (hello, they both work at The Indianapolis Zoo- how freaking cool is that?!) They are the kind of people that make life fun and their wedding was a blast! I could go on and on, but let's be honest- everyone has already skipped ahead to the video anyhow! Can you blame them?! Oh, and Austin had the coolest surprise for Jill inside his jacket at their First Look! Swoon!!

Love you guys like woah and sorry about it, but you're stuck with me!

Enjoy just a few of my favorites from one of my favorite weddings of the year.

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