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Mr. & Mrs. Scgalski

This past Christmas we had the opportunity to capture a gorgeous winter evening wedding at The Brown County Inn. I literally left for Hawaii (don't worry- that blog is coming soon. Promise!) just 2 days after so I never had the chance to blog them. Well, it's slow season which means it's time to play catch up! Get ready to see a whole lot of fall weddings and sessions as well in the upcoming days!

Claire & Harrison were so easy and fun to work with at their engagement session. (That blog is HERE) Anywho! So on the day of their wedding is was super rainy and just generally gross. We weren't able to shoot outdoors at all, but thankfully they had a super small wedding party and the venue was decorated perfectly for Christmas. Hello, lifesaver! Fun behind the photo information- in the images where they are in the hallway- that's actually the hallway leading to a bathroom. I heard an older gentleman comment that "She doesn't know what she's doing! This is the way to the bathroom!" Haha, thanks for the vote of confidence but I totally knew what I was doing! Sometimes I end up having to put my clients in some strange spots. Thankfully they trust me that I know what's going on in that crazy brain of mine. (Honestly, there are times when my crazy brain is also going- Ummm- are we sure about this??)

So now that you've seen a little into the madness that is shooting with 1492, here is the full blog post. Betcha can't wait to find those hallway photos now, can you?! Haha! Also, can I always attend weddings that serve donuts?? You don't even have to hire me to shoot- I'll just come, tell you you're pretty and eat donuts! Sound good? Great!


Venue: Brown County Inn Dress: That Special Touch Flowers: Pomp&Bloom Tuxes: Dell Brothers Hair & Makeup: Leanna Grinsell Donuts: Donut Central Cake: Icing on the Cake by Kristina

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