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Our new travel series!

I have had the amazing opportunity to travel to some gorgeous locations in the last few years and that has taken this small town Indiana girl and blown her world wide open!

Story time! I grew up in the town where portions of the movie "Hoosiers" was filmed. Now brace yourself and please withhold the hate mail but I am about to tell you something very shocking and scandalous. I have never watched that movie. Ever. Yes, I know the restaurant that my parents owned was in the film. Yep, I heard every one of the older gentlemen that would come into the restaurant and drink coffee every morning talk about those amazing few weeks when Hollywood came to Hickory. And since I have heard it all and basically lived in the shrine of this movie I have refused to watch it. But that is very much NOT what this post is about!

Growing up my family went on exactly one vacation. To Niagara Falls when I was maybe a junior. We drove all night, saw the falls stayed in a hotel one night and then drove home. I have 3 younger siblings- who are now all amazing people! However, as a junior in high school being stuck in a van for 14+ hours with these people was NOT my idea of a vacation. (Sorry guys! I'm sure you hated it as much as I did!) SO that was my one single exposure to vacations and needless to say, I was not impressed.

Flash forward and I married into a family that LOVES to travel. And guess what- now I do too! Last year alone we went to southern California, Florida, Hawaii and Kauai! While for some that might not be a big deal but for this small town girl it was amazing! However, one thing kept sticking out to me as I would travel to these amazing locations. I want to shoot a wedding (engagement session, maternity session, senior- you name it) here! And yes, I am aware that this might make me a bit of a workaholic dreaming about work while on vacation. I'm alright with this!

So I finally decided that this year is my chance. I am going to be offering a few opportunities for destination sessions! They will be SUPER limited but the ideas that I am working on are beyond amazing you guys! If you want to find out where we are traveling or if you'd like us to add your location to our list, please click Contact Us and send us a message. Oh, and destination weddings are always a yes!

Can't travel with me? That's fine because I am going to be bringing my travels to you on the blog with Travel Tuesdays! I will fill your boring Tuesdays with some of my favorite images from some of the most stunning places I have visited. This is also where I will be sharing all of those Disney tips I talked about in our Instagram story last week! (Wait- you aren't following us on Insta?? Well click HERE and fix that ASAP!)

I am so excited to have this amazing opportunity. We already have one destination wedding booked for this fall! Thank you to everyone that has supported my dream and this business, You all mean the world to this small town girl.



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