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Travel Tuesdays- Dream Sessions

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Okay, first of all- where the heck did April go?! Anyone else looking at the schedule going WTHECK?! Just me? Okay, awesome!

So today for our Travel Tuesday I thought we'd mix it up a little bit. I am frequently asked about what my "dream sessions" are. So I thought- hey, let's make a list and then if you want to help me achieve one of these dreams (and at a discount bc hello, dreams!) then we can mark it off the list! So here goes (also, prepare to check back because I'm sure I will be adding to it!)

*Wedding in Cabo and Hawaii and Southern Cali

*Engagement sessions at all of those locations

*Elopement in the mountain in Colorado

* Desert elopement

*Any kind of Disney World session you can dream of!

*Lifestyle tattoo session (AHH!! Someone please DM me on this one!!)

*Couples boudoir session in their home (again- tattoos would be awesome!)

*Maternity couples boudoir session

*I really want to shoot more boudoir sessions! Haha!

*Anything in Ireland because- amazing!!

* On the shores of Lake Michigan- Chicago OR Michigan side.

* Downtown Indy or Chicago but after dark engagement session

Okay, I know there are more but this is just a start. Oh, and I wasn't kidding- you want one of these sessions message me and I will cut you a serious discount. Especially the destination sessions if we can get multiple ones booked in the same trip!

So tell me- if money and bravery weren't a factor- what session would you pick??

Happy travels, friends!

Let's make some magic happen!


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