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Travel Tuesdays- The Cliffs At The End Of The World- Hawaii

On our recent trip to Hawaii, we started on The Big Island. Our last full day there we took a tour around the entire island. The tour guide kept talking about these cliffs that we were going to and that people can jump off of them. He actually had our 10 year old son convinced that it was safe and something he could easily do. When we pulled up, this mama's heart stopped. No joke. I hate heights and he kept telling us that these were the "short cliffs". Ben jumps out of the car and before I can even say a word my husband says "Absolutely no jumping!" Hooray for having a tag team partner in parenting. I was still trying to get my heart restarted!

These cliffs are actually the true southern most point in the United States. If you stand at the tip, they say that the next time you hit land will be Antarctica. Crazy to think about. They are termed The Cliffs at The End of The World because so many people over the years have jumped to end their lives here. So sad and tragic. However, I am so glad we were able to go see them (and stay on the top!)

These cliffs are massive. It is difficult to truly get a scale of the size just from photos but between these massive rocks and the huge expansive of churning ocean beyond you suddenly feel like a small speck in a much larger world. It was crazy windy up there and the waves were high and crashing onto the rocky beach so we did not get anywhere near the water but it was breathtaking to see. There is also a green sand beach nearby that you can hike to but we had a lot of stops to make it to that day and weren't able to do the hike. If you've ever been to that beach- I want to know what you thought! Was the 2 mile hike worth it? Is the sand truly green? Message me!

Every time we travel to Hawaii I am always amazed at its beauty. However, I always say that it is very much a "Play at your own risk" vacation. You can be crazy adventurous. You can laze about the beach or you can be somewhere in between which is where my family generally falls. We love to go on adventures and hikes but I am a mom through and through and therefore I am keeping those adventure on this side of the "trip to the ER" line.

What side of the line does your family fall on? We would have jumped! or Where's the beach? Or maybe you're like us and like to stay somewhere just between those two?

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