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Lauren- Class of 2020

Lauren is a senior at Columbus North High School and the captain of the girl's volleyball team. She is also one of the most fun, laid back seniors I have ever worked with. She made my job not only easy but so much fun. Seriously, we laughed the entire time during her session- especially when we were hanging out near mines and busy roads. You know, totally normal stuff for one of my senior sessions, right?!


We have exactly one more opening for a fall senior session and then that's it, folks! We will be booked through the rest of 2019 and even into March of 2020 as we take time off during the slower months. However, if you are interested in Spring sessions, put us on your schedule to contact on March 1, 2020 so that we can get started adding you to the list before it fills up.

For details on Spring sessions or to score that last fall session, click CONTACT US and let's chat!

Now, here are just a few of my favorites from Lauren's session this week.


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