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Now Launching our search for the 2021 Senior Reps!

You guys, this is BIG!

Last year we launched our first ever Senior Rep Program and it was amazing. Like I am still pinching myself amazing.

So, we're doing it all over again for the Class of 2021!

Please read through all of the information first before submitting if you are interested. Also, please note that we are only taking a couple of reps per high school so the deadline is firm and there are no guarantees.

Here are the details:

First of all, what is a Senior Rep? They are our ambassadors for the #1492seniors who are willing to talk to their friends and classmates about their experiences with 1492. If you are a rep, that means you are willing to help spread the word while getting all kinds of perks and rewards. We provide you with custom discount cards that you can then pass out to your fellow 2021 graduates that will give them a discount on their session AND reward you with a big discount on your session if they book. If you are picked for the rep team, more information will be sent to you at that time.

Some of the perks of being a member of the 1492 Senior Rep Squad include:

* Discounts on your final order

* A custom planned Rep Session that is separate from your regular session to give you images to share and use with your classmates. This image below is one our 2020 Reps session:

You can see more from that session HERE.

* We offer at least one mini session a year to our Reps which can be a best friends session, Prom or graduation session or even a personal session of their choice.

*While all of our senior sessions are custom planned, we tend to go above and beyond planning our sessions for our Reps. We ask them to dream big and then try to make those dreams happen.

* Customized Rep Cards with your pictures for free to pass out to friends.

There is so much more, but I think you get the idea.

Oh, and while this year we only had Reps from Columbus East and Columbus North, we are totally open to all high schools. Like ANYWHERE you guys! Do we travel? Um, heck yes! Build a team of Reps with your friends and we will come to you!

Cost- this is the big one. Please note, this is not a free session. You will still pay the full senior session fee of $300. However, for every referral that books a session through you, you will earn a $25 credit towards your final purchase of your Digital Package. You will also earn those mini sessions throughout the year for the referrals. Refer enough friends that you have more credits than the cost of your final order? Well, let's just say that things get interesting at that point!

So how do you apply?

Easy. You will email me personally at and here's what you need to include. (Make sure you put Senior Rep 2021 in the message line so we know what to look for.)

Your name, school, how you found 1492, what activities or sports you are into and interested in using for your senior session. Also, make sure that you have run this past your parents, because this isn't free. Also, please include the best way to contact you. And finally, we want to know what your dream senior session includes. Think big here you guys. Does it include a hot air balloon or travel to somewhere? Do you want to do something you've never seen done before? What is it that if we (meaning your parents and I) said you could do anything what would you do? Also, please include your Instagram handle so that we can make sure to follow you!

That's it! Email that to us before Feb. 22, 2020 at 10:00 p.m. if you would like to be considered. My plan is to go through all of the inquiries with my team and announce our reps before Spring Break.

I cannot wait to see what you guys come up with!

Class of 2020, if you are interested in a winter or Spring session, our books are filling up, so please contact us ASAP. But first, make sure you get in touch with one of these reps below who have discount cards.

Class of 2021 who are not interested in being a Rep but would still like a custom planned session. If you are wanting a Spring or early summer session, now is the time to contact us! (Same advice though- get a Rep card from a 2020 Rep to get your discount!)

Thank you to each and every one of you that booked a senior session for this past year. It was a record year and we appreciate each of you more than you can realize. Thank you parents for entrusting me with your children and their memories and thank you seniors who said yes to all of my big, slightly crazy ideas.

It was truly an honor.

Happy #seniorsunday friends!

Here are all of your current Senior Reps that have discount cards below.

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