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2022 Senior Rep Program Details

Congratulations you guys! We survived Monday! I'm not sure why, but this always feels like a big deal to me. Am I the only one?

Tonight I wanted to jump on here and give you some more details on our Senior Rep program for the Class of 2022 and our new Junior Rep program as well. In the past few years since we started our Rep program, it seemed like every year was a bit different. I learned what worked better. I adjusted my goals. I found seniors and their parents who were very excited about all of my ideas and even who pushed me to go bigger and bigger! (Thank you to those of you who push me. You know who you are!)

So for the last year I have been quietly making a list of what I want to change on the Rep program and improve it. Lists of what worked, and also what didn't work as well. I have also been doing a ton of research. The thing that kept coming back to me is that, like it or not, we live very public lives in this age of constant social media, and nobody more so than our teenagers. The term "Influencer" kept coming up more and more in my research to the point that it finally hit me. High school kids post all of the time on their social media platforms. Why not take the Senior Rep program and turn it into a Senior Influencer program?! Tell me that you don't know of a high school girl that wouldn't love getting professional photos to post every couple of months? Quick sessions, planned sessions, massive styled shoots, you name it! Well, that's what we are working on this year. And this isn't just for senior girls. We are always wanting to make sure we represent both our guys and girls. Are they required to do all of these sessions? Heck no! Honestly some of them might be super last minute and it will just be whomever is free. Think "Hey, it snowed last night! Who wants to meet and do some snow photos?"

This year we are also adding in a small number of Junior Influencers to the program. Members of the Class of 2023 that want to get a head start in our Senior Influencer program the following year.

Okay, so there are a million more details including pricing and such but I can't share everything on here since this is an exclusive program. If you or your current junior or sophomore is interested in more information, the best way to reach me is to click the Contact Us link and let me know which program you're interested in and I will send you the questionnaire and details.

Oh, and if you have a senior right now and they still need to get their own senior session scheduled, message us soon! Once Spring Break gets here, our schedule will fill quickly and we would hate to have to miss out!

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