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Addy- Class of 2023

Addy is a senior at Hauser, and had some very specific ideas of what she wanted from her session. She requested we shoot at her grandparents property and it was totally the right call. It was a stunning property with so many picturesque places that I was in photographer heaven! By the end of the session, I my pant legs were soaked from walking in a creek and I was a complete mess so I'd say it was the perfect senior session!

As busy season approaches, I wanted to include some education in my blog posts that I think will be helpful to upcoming clients. Up first, our Top 5 things to avoid when planning your for your senior session.

1- Neon. I know it’s trendy but it looks terrible in photos and tends to cause color casts on your skin.

2- Clothes that don’t fit you well. If it’s too tight or way too baggy, either one will make you look uncomfortable in photos.

3- Shorts or skirts that are too short to sit in appropriately. If you are tugging on it when trying it on at home or in the store then you’ll be tugging on it and most likely self conscious in it during the shoot. Even if you aren’t tugging on it, my rule of thumb is- would you be comfortable wearing it in front of your parents? If the answer is no, then don’t wear it in photos.

4- Senior photos are not a time to go all out and try a new style that is completely different than your usual. Maybe it’s fun to branch out for one outfit but make sure that the majority of your outfits fit with your usual style. You’ll be more comfortable and your images will better reflect you and your true self.

5- Nails- this is an either all or none situation ladies. I cannot fix chipped nail polish in Photoshop so if you don’t have time to get a manicure or paint them yourself then just go without any polish. Also, don’t forget your toes!

Anyone have any other suggestions on things to avoid? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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