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Ashley & Corey's Engagement Session

Ashley & Corey are truly one of the sweetest couples. I was so excited to finally meet them this week and hang out and they are truly as awesome in person as I thought they would be. Both live out of state, so getting their engagement session done has been a bit tricky (if you know, then you know.) Their wedding is this Friday- as in TOMORROW so we knew that this week had to work. So on Tuesday evening I kept my fingers crossed as I drove out to Ashley's grandparents' farm through massive storms that the weather would clear, and it did! There was not a drop of rain the entire session! Funny enough though- less than 5 minutes into my drive home I hit more rain. The only dry 2 hours of the day and they scored it as well as a stunning sunset.

As I mentioned, we met at Ashley's grandparents farm which holds special meaning to the couple and I am so happy we did. Not only was it a stunning location, but I love shooting in locations where it means something. Also, who wouldn't love being able to ride in trucks in 4 wheel drive slinging mud and going so far off road that you know nobody else is anywhere nearby?! Okay, maybe that's not for everyone but I loved it!

Here's the thing that nobody tells you about being a photographer. There is a secret to getting magical images on a wedding day or engagement session. It's not a stunning venue, a couple who happens to look like models (but thanks Corey and Ashley for being gorgeous) or even that much desired golden sunset. The secret? Find a couple so madly in love that they border being obsessed with each other. When they look at each other you can FEEL how in love they are. A couple that knows that the person standing by their side is their #1. The most important person on the planet. That is the secret. Posing, lighting and venues can all suck, but if you have that, well, you win as a photographer.

Corey and Ashley, I won. You guys are amazing. I am honored to capture your love story, and I cannot wait to hang out with you both tomorrow! It is going to be amazing!

But first, engagement photos!

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