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Brandy & Sydney- Cap & Gown

These sisters came for their graduation shots last week and it was so awesome to meet them both! Sydney is graduating for Columbus East High School, while Brandy just graduated from Ball State University. It made me so sad that they are both missing out on their graduations, but they both just seemed to be rolling with it.

Today is Tuesday Tips and I thought that since we are offering Cap & Gown Graduation mini sessions all month, why not offer some tips for these sessions?

Tip #1- Steam or press that gown! I know, it's a massive pain- ironing is my least favorite household activity ever. However, a nicely pressed gown looks SO much better! And don't forget- when you're done getting all of those wrinkles out- hang it up! Leave it on the hanger until you get to your session.

Tip #2- Tassels to the right! Unless you have officially graduated, your tassel should hang over your right shoulder. Once you've got the paperwork, toss it to the left!

Tip #3- Don't forget to wear an outfit under your gown that is photo ready as well. We frequently have our seniors take the gown off and just shoot with their cap- especially if it's windy! Think about it- those large gowns basically turn you into a kite when the wind starts blowing so we have to be very strategic on where we shoot when you're wearing them. However, once you take it off and it's just your cap and a cute outfit, the location possibilities open up!

That's it! Those are our tips for getting the most out of your Cap & Gown sessions.

Have a great week!

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