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Emelia & Will

Earlier this year I ran a contest for a free session and this amazing couple won. When I asked Emelia when she'd like to do the session her only request was warm weather. Flash forward to a 90 degree pure humidity day, and she got exactly what she'd requested! Haha- be careful what you wish for. Thankfully they were able to cool off at the end of their session. ;)

I first met Emelia when she was recommended to me as someone who could watch our dogs while we were on vacation a few years ago. Now, she is literally the first call I make when we plan any type of trip! Her business, Pet Watch 812 has grown so much since we first met, and I am so excited to see how well it has taken off. I tease her that she and Will are actually our dogs favorite people and not us! (I tease, but it also might be slightly true!)

We started their session downtown and then finished at their house which is out on Harrison Lake. I was so excited when they actually requested to finish their session by jumping into the lake off of the roof of their boat dock! Usually I have to coax people into something like that!

I need more sessions that end with a splash!

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