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Kloe- Our first Class of 2023 Senior!

Now that we are fully finished with our amazing Class of 2022 Seniors, we can officially start sharing our newest members of the 1492 Senior Crew!

Kloe was our very first Class of 2023 Senior and oh man, her session was so much fun!

When we started planning her details, she said she wanted a very nature-filled, more earthy vibe. I think we fully achieved that with these shots! We shot in a big open field full of yellow flowers (yes, I know they're weeds! I also don't care!) We then moved on to a more grassy field and even finished with a new spot for water shots! I loved how she brought little items to include that really brought her true personality into the session!

Also, in case you missed me mentioning it several times on social media, I am loving the hats that our Seniors are wearing at sessions lately! They are an amazing accessory that can really help level up a session.

Earth tones are super hot this season and I love that Kloe really embraced that look. They are such a classic color that never goes out of style so her images will have a timeless feel to them.

Thank you so much to Kloe and her parents for being up for any and all crazy ideas I threw at them the day of her session!

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