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Kylee- Class of 2022 Senior Influencer

Kylee is one of our Class of 2022 Senior Influencers which means that, not only does she get to do a lot of fun shoots with us throughout her senior year, but she can also help you save money on your own senior session! Message her for details!

Kylee is a senior at Columbus North as well as a cheerleader and truly the sweetest. I cannot wait for some of the crazy ideas we are going to create together for her epic senior session this year!

It's Senior Sunday, so you know what that means! Senior Session Tips to help you make the most out of your own custom senior session. Today, we are sharing our top tips to help you get the most out of our planning sessions. Here we go!

When you call to do your planning session, here are the things that will help take the call to the next level to make the most out of our time.

1- Have your senior with you! We want the senior and the parent(s) on the call so that we get all of the ideas and opinions. Remember- if you aren't on the call we will plan without you and you might not love some of the ideas we come up with.

2- Have a list ready with the following items- Any outfits or locations you know you want to include. Any pets, sports and vehicles that you want in your session. Any prop ideas or ideas that you saw that thought could be unique no matter how crazy.

3- Before the meeting, I suggest heading to our Instagram feed and screenshooting several of your favorite images from our feed. This will be helpful when I ask why style your more drawn towards- urban or rural. Do you love sunset, glowy photos or did you pick the big dramatic shots? Will we just take those screenshots and copy them? Um, never! But this is a good starting place.

4- If you already have an outfit picked out, take a photo of it before our meeting so that you can shoot it to me. This is a great way for me to start getting ideas to spark on how to take that outfit and create something epic for you.

5- Have an idea but think it may be impossible or dumb? TELL ME WHAT IT IS!!!! You guys. You are talking to the creator of dumb and impossible ideas! Go big or go home! Bring it! The worst I can say is it's impossible (and that's highly unlikely.)

6- Bring your calendar to the meeting because we will be hanging up with your name on a date and we want to make sure it doesn't conflict with all of the busy things you have going on with your schedule. Seniors these days are busy! Let's get it on the schedule as far in advance as possible!

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