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Mackenzie & TJ (And The Crew)

Earlier this week, I flew to the Philadelphia area for about 24 hours to photograph Mackenzie and TJ's engagement session. Oh, and their 9 Newfoundlands! To say that it was amazing is an understatement. TJ & Mackenzie felt like friends as soon as I got there. We spent the day hanging out, doing photos and talking all about the plans they have for their wedding later this year. I can't wait for it!

I found Mackenzie's Instagram, The Newf Crew, several years ago. As many of you may know, I also have a Newfoundland, Charlotte, so anyone who has one, or 9, is definitely someone I want to know. After following her for tons of "Night Night Cookies" and several litters of the cutest puppies ever as well as TJ's hilarious trips to "Newf Island" I saw that they got engaged. I knew as soon as I saw that she had mentioned wanting to work with a photographer who could work with The Crew (as she calls her 9 Newfies) I knew I wanted to be that photographer. I'm so excited to get to work with both of them and their family and friends again later this year.

Here are just a few favorites from their session. Enjoy!

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