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Reese- Columbus North High School

Resse is an accomplished gymnast as well as an All-American Cheerleader. She is also hilarious and so much fun to be around! We had a great time at her recent senior session and then add in the fact that her outfits were amazing- needless to say I was a very excited photographer (until it came time to edit and I realized I may have WAY over shot!) Haha!

The amount of chalk that we all left with covering us the day of her gymnastics photos was insane. We all looked a bit ghostly including my camera that needed a good cleaning the next day.

Oh, and before anyone asks- no the photo of her on the megaphone is not Photoshop. It took multiple people and tries but she was finally able to get it! I have some pretty great behind the scenes videos of it!

Our calendar for August-November is quickly filling up and there is a good chance we will close our books for 2024 sessions before school starts back up! If you are interested in planning your own custom sesssion with 1492, click that Contact Us button at the top of the page and let's get started before all of the good spots are taken!

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