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Regann- Part 2

Today I am sharing a few more favorites from Regann’s senior session. If you missed it, we shared the first half HERE. The reason I am splitting it into two posts is because the first half had a very moving and powerful message. While this one is also very amazing, the two parts of her session were just too different and deserved their own story.

Regann is one of our 2021 Senior Reps. I worked with her sister last year and we chatted about her dreams for her own session then. As someone who also has a sister that is very close in age (11 months) I know how important it is to feel like an individual. Regann wanted a session that was 100% her and nothing at all like her sister’s session last year.

When we started brainstorming ideas, she knew her sweet Great Dane, Ella and her stunning horse, Mocha had to be a part of the session. While her ideas for Ella were sweet with filled with flower crowns and wildflower fields, her plans for Mocha were FAR different.

Let me tell you a little bit about Regann, as I know her. She is fearless. She has a wild spirit. She is one of the most determined young adults I have ever met and I truly feel for anything that gets in her way. If there was ever a person that I felt could stare into the eye of danger and make danger turn away, it is Regann. I adore her. She is exactly what I want my nieces to grow up to be like. Heck, I kind of want to be her when I grow up!

When planning her session with her horse Mocha, we had the idea to use a smoke machine for an added atmosphere. However. As usual, best laid plans always have a hiccup or two. So while her mom and sister were working to get the smoke machine working, Mocha started to get restless. Regann just jumped on her bareback and rode like the wind. That giant red dress just billowed as they rode full out and I was in complete awe. Those two have a bond that most can only image. It’s like they become one when they’re riding. In my favorite shot of the session, Regann and Mocha are running full tilt past the camera as I am laying on the ground less than 5 feet away. The ground literally shook as they barreled past me. Was it terrifying? A bit, but I completely trusted Regann. Was it worth it? 100%. It is one of those moments when you know that you have captured the actual sprit of a person and animal. It was humbling. I kind of want to print it on a massive metal print and hang it in my own office.

If nothing else, I can promise you it will be on the main page of my website for a very, very long time to come.

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