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Sloan- 2020 Cap & Gown Minis

Sloan!! This girl is amazinggggg!!!! Not only because she says yes to all of my crazy ideas. Also not because she is the sweetest girl ever. And not just because I laugh so hard at her sessions that I have to stop shooting for a minute several times to get it together (she knows what I'm talking about. Certain smiles just are funnier than others, right Sloan?!) The reason she's amazing is all of that and so much more.

This class of seniors are going to be tough to let go. They are some of the most genuine, kind hearted, big dreaming kick butt people that I have ever met. They're awesome.

Good job, parents. Well done.

Sloan will be attending IUPUI in the fall to study nursing.

Best wish, Sloan!

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