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Taylen- Class of 2021

Dear Seniors and their parents,

Thank you for never telling me no when I pitch giant, slightly crazy ideas.

Thank you for helping make these giant, slightly crazy ideas a reality.

Thank you for spending the time and money to take these sessions to the next level.

Thank you.

Oh, and to Taylen and her mom- thank you for helping carry this massively heavy balance beam down a rock cliff and what seemed like 2 miles of mud and rock climbing to get this shot. And too Taylen. Thank you for being willing to try this risky move knowing that if you didn't land it, your face was headed straight into either the rock or the water. You're the real superstar here. (Especially when I asked you to do this move multiple times.)

You guys. You should have seen the look on the other people at this location's faces when Tonnie, Taylen and I drug this massive beam out of their car and then carried it down below the falls. If you've never been to this location, you don't realize how hard of a hike this is WITHOUT a balance beam. We fell so many times. I am covered in bruises from bashing into the rock cliff on the way down while trying not to fall into the water carrying my camera. There were SO many cuss words said! When we finished and got it back to the parking lot I was shaking I was so tired.



Taylen wanted gymnastics photos that were out of the box and unique. Yeah, I'd say we got them.

Check out the video below to see a few more favorites from this epic senior session.

Class of 2021, we have only a few summer session spots left and will be opening up the fall schedules next week. Last year we were completely booked for the entire year- like no more sessions available- by the end of August. I hate turning away clients who want sessions that reflect them and their unique style so book early!

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