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Tuesday Tips- Senior Dream Sessions

Today for Tuesday Tips we are talking a little bit about how we plan our popular Senior Dream Sessions. So let's go!

I always try to meet in person with all of my seniors to plan their session and when I do, I always warn them. I say "I start with big ideas, and it's up to you to either tell me no, scale me back to your comfort zone or hopefully be brave and say yes!" I've been very lucky that most of them (and their parents) end up saying yes! That's how we end up shooting with a hot air balloon or on the side of a waterfall like this:

And while I'm not going to share any major secrets on how I come up with these ideas because honestly it's all happening inside my crazy head, I am going to tell you my top 3 tips for making the most out of these sessions.

Tip #1- If you are saying yes to the big, over the top idea, go in full force. That means buying outfits or sometimes even props that take the idea to the next level. It's a commitment. A lot of times, my clients buy custom dresses or outfits just for these few shots. Also, professional hair and makeup will ALWAYS be a good idea! You do senior photos once. Live it up!

Tip #2- Embrace the crazy. If you say yes, then own it. Take the idea of this massive dream session that NOBODY else will have and make it your own! Want smoke bombs in your photos so that you get something like this photo above? Don't show up with 4 smoke bombs. This is the result of about 15-18 smoke bombs being lit and thrown into frame (by their amazing mom) while the twins held perfectly still even though their eyes were watering and nobody could breathe. Own it. Take the idea and then turn it up a notch... or 5.

Tip #3- Trust me, I'm a professional! Haha, okay that was just too perfect not to say, but for real- trust me. While yes, some of my ideas are slightly crazy, I will never put you in danger. I'm a mom. I will never put you in a position that I would not place my own child. HOWEVER. I will ask you to trust me. I always check in with you during the shoot (and with your parents) to make sure we're all still on the same page. But if we are, then trust me when I say things like-

Splash the camera as you're swimming towards me. (Image right above.)

Or let's just keep shooting in the rain (volleyball image above.)

Or when I ask the injured volleyball player if we can have part of the varsity basketball team bounce volleyballs into her frame and to hold very still and then her mom bounces one off of her head... twice.

Trust me. All of the following pictures required the seniors to trust me. They did, and the results speak for themselves. (But maybe don't trust your mom when letting her throw volleyballs at you- right Lauren?!?) 😂😂😂😂

So here's the next question.

I am working on my list of dream sessions today. Who's interested in trusting me and making one of these insane ideas yours this year?

Click Contact Us for details.

Don't forget- Class of 2020 Senior Sessions are over 60% off right now! We can even include a dream session in that!

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