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Megan & Jack

Tomorrow is wedding day for this amazing couple and we cannot wait! They were so much fun to work with at their engagement session that we just know their wedding is going to be even more amazing. I'm already giddy about sharing sneak peeks, and I haven't even shot them yet! Make sure you follow us on our Instagram account to be one of the first to see some fun sneak peeks tomorrow!

I wish you could see the chaos that goes into getting Studio 1492 Photography ready for a wedding- actually, scratch that. No, I don't want you to see that! But you can just imagine! Every outlet has something plugged in and charging. All our gear is spread out everywhere for last minute cleaning and checks. My bag of essentials for weddings is being checked so therefore, it's dumped upside down on my desk- basically I was right, it's chaos!

However, come tomorrow morning it will all be ready to roll and the chaos will have been totally worth it.

BUT... we couldn't share these soon-to-be awesome sneak peeks from their wedding until we've shared a few favorites from their engagement session this past spring! All I'm going to say is that Megan is an art teacher, and they both were totally game for one of my crazy ideas. The result- perfection.

See you guys tomorrow!!

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