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Ashley & Pat- Engaged

I hope you guys are ready for this because I am finally getting caught up from busy season so all kinds of blogs are headed your way. First up, Ashley & Pat!

You might remember their STUNNING wedding from this past fall. Literally, it was one of my favorite moments from the past year. If not, CLICK HERE to see it!

Just a little back story before you scroll to the video of their engagement story. This session was planned carefully because they drove 4 hours just to have me photograph their engagement photos. No pressure, right?? Shew! So, in typical Indiana style, the night before their session I was photographing a wedding reception while tornadoes hit the Columbus area. It was so bad! Flash floods, massive damage, basically crazy Indiana in the spring. The morning of their session and I am stressing BIG time because we are at a 100% chance of rain. 100!! It was raining the entire way to their starting spot (all of which was planned for outdoors of course!) We met at Irwin Gardens and it was a miracle. It stopped raining. We shot so fast because you could see black clouds and hear the thunder rolling in the distance. They managed to do not one but two outfits and as we were walking back to our cars, the heavens opened up! You guys, I couldn't make this stuff up if I had to!

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I am a lover of pretty light. And moody skies is no exception. I am so in love with how the light and atmosphere is such a gorgeous part of their engagement session.

Thank you to Ashley and Pat for trusting me when I was questioning myself (on the inside) and for asking me to capture your beautiful memories. I am so lucky to call you friends as well as clients!

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