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Engaged- Emily & Reid

Alright. I know that the saying is April showers bring May flowers but I, for one, am over this cold, rainy gloomy weather! Please bring back sunshine and 80's already!

Anyhow! Emily and I had planned this session for well over a month and, of course, the day of comes and it is 100% chance of not just rain but storms right at the time we had planned to shoot. We scrambled and shot a few hours early which was a good call because for once the weather channel was correct and at the exact time we'd scheduled for it was storming like mad! We also had a bit of saving grace in the fact that the sweet caretaker at The Inn at Irwin Gardens allowed us to shoot in their covered greenhouse. Um, who else wants to join me for a session here because even on a sunny day this would make for a KILLER session! Seniors- expect me to start suggesting this until someone takes me up on the idea!

Thank you to Britt and the sweet crew at Irwin! You saved our session!

As you look through these gorgeous images, please be aware that it was actually sprinkling through about 75% of the session. However, you'd never guess it- Emily and Reid were amazing!

Reid, who has been a groomsman in two of our previous weddings, is a police officer for Columbus Police Department so we had to grab a few shots of them with his car. I love how these turned out! My 10 year old son came with to this session and let's just say when Reid turned on the lights I might have earned a couple of "cool mom" points- thanks Reid! Haha!

While we are not photographing their upcoming wedding, we were so happy to be able to capture these images for them. Oh, and they actually have a second session coming up with us so be sure that you are following us on social media to see images from that because it is going to be amazing!

Did you know that we travel for weddings and sessions? Actually, we LOVE to travel! Our gear is always packed- no joke! If you haven't followed our Travel Tuesday blogs, you should!

And we are looking for a couple more travel sessions/ weddings in 2019. If you are planning a destination wedding, and want a photographer who will capture the magic of "running away and doing your wedding your way" please keep us in mind!

Planning a babymoon and dreaming of going home with images that capture the excitement of standing on the brink of the biggest life changing moment you will ever experience?

Call me!

DM me!

Smoke signals, text whatever! (Actually, just clicking Contact Us might be easiest- smoke signals are hard to read!)

And since we are looking for a few more travel spots on our 2019 schedule, we are willing to cut you an INSANE deal (especialy sessions/ weddings in southern California, Hawaii or anything and everything Disney related!) Get in touch with us ASAP though because these opportunities will go quickly!

But first, Reid & Emily!

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