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Brittany & Eric

I know that my calendar says that it's January, but is this weather for real?! It's in the 60's! Not that I am, in any way, complaining! My thought is that if it isn't going to snow then this can be winter for me.

Anyhow! Today we are buzzing back to this past summer and Brittany and Eric's gorgeous engagement session. For the first part of their session, they, along with their adorable pups, joined me at a local farm. After that, we headed to the top of a waterfall. This was the scariest session I have ever shot, as well as probably one of the dumbest things I have ever done. We got to the waterfall, and it was super full and rushing really, REALLY fast. Did I reschedule? Um, no... Did I carry 20 pounds of irreplaceable camera gear out into the rushing falls with me and then tell the couple to follow me? Maybe... Was it worth it? ALWAYS! (However, I will NOT be doing that again! By the time we left I was shaking so bad it was tough to drive home. I was so worried about falling and dropping my gear the entire time.)

I cannot wait for this wedding! From the very first time I talked to Brittany, we just clicked. Poor Eric. I'm pretty sure Brittany and I never stopped talking once during their entire session! They are such a wonderful, super laid back couple and are so in love- they make my job easy! Plus, added bonus- they are super adorable! April is going to be an awesome month!

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