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Nikki & Rob (oh, and Bailey, too!!)

I work with the most amazing couples! I know I've said that before, but you guys just keep proving it true time and time again. Take for instance, Nikki and Rob. I contacted them on Wednesday last week to schedule their session... for that Saturday. Why? Because the blossoms that we were waiting on were finally ready, of course! They went with it and showed up just days later in perfect outfits just to freeze their butts off! Seriously, the Feels Like temperature while we were shooting was in the mid 30's!!! I'd pose them, they'd toss their coats, smile and make a mad dash for their coats! It was slightly entertaining- or it would have been if we weren't all frozen!

Oh, and can we please take a moment to have a shout out to my new buddy, Bailey?! Who cares if she was using me for the treats? Haha!

Thank you again for going along with my crazy ideas! At least we know that it will be warmer at your wedding this July- right?!? Fingers crossed!!

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