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Morgan & Ryan

Happy wedding day, Morgan & Ryan! Today we are featuring their stunning engagement session and tomorrow we will feature some of their wedding images!! I can't wait to see you both!

You guys! This session took us close to 6 months to photograph! I know you think I'm crazy but it's true! Morgan and Ryan are getting married locally in September but they currently live in Kansas where Morgan goes to school. When we started planning their session it was late fall and we talked about how fun it would be to shoot in the snow. Well, the only days they were in town this winter I was in the hospital (not a fun surprise, by the way!) Then they flew home in March to try again- it stormed like crazy and then Ryan ended up in the ER! I'm not even kidding you guys! Last chance was this past Saturday right before I headed to photograph a wedding in Franklin. All week we kept in touch and watched the weather- Monday it said that Saturday would be sunny and 70. Tuesday- storms all day. Wednesday- sunny. You get the point! So we planned 2 very different sessions. Session A was this gorgeous dream session at a local farm followed by shots downtown. Session B was in case of that pesky rain and it was fine but not what we wanted.

I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of rain pouring outside! I couldn't believe it!! It stopped pretty quickly and I kept my fingers and toes crossed that it stayed stopped. However, it was crazy cloudy and gray out.

Our session was scheduled to start at the farm at 9:00. I kid you not- at 8:55 it was gray and gross. At 8:59 the clouds blew away, the sun came out and we had that perfect dream session!!! It was like all of our planning, trips to the hospital and flights had paid off! Through it all, Morgan and Ryan never complained about how long it took us to finally get these shots done. They were so happy and so much fun to work with and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding!

So here it is. Just a few favorites from 6 months worth of planning and one dream engagement session!

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