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Melinda & Troy

"She's the voice I love to hear someday when I'm 90,

She's that wooden rocking chair rocking right beside me.

Everyday that passes, I only love her more,

Yeah, she's the one that I'd lay down my own life for."

-Brad Paisley

To say that we had fun at this session would be an extreme understatement. We shot Troy and Melinda's engagement session at their gorgeous farm out near Story and it was an absolute blast! However, I know everyone is checking out this blog for those last 2 shots below. Let me just take a minute to say- of all of the sessions that I have ever photographed, that shot was one of the most difficult and most hilarious ones ever! I am so glad that nobody was filming us trying to get Kiwi the goat into position- or us chasing down Biscuit- the first goat that was determined NOT to be in pictures! Let's just say- it was memorable!

The first time I met Melinda for her initial wedding consult, I knew she and Troy would be the perfect fit for Studio 1492 weddings! I honestly cannot wait for their wedding on the farm this fall! I can only imagine what we might get into that day!

Thanks to Melinda, Troy and Ethan for a hilarious session and for being up for all of my wild and crazy ideas!

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