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Rob & Nikki

Let's just go ahead and start this blog post saying that I cannot wait for this couple's wedding next month! Also, I really, REALLY hope that their streak of chilly weather on days that we photograph them holds true for their wedding day!

Nikki & Rob had their engagement session with me in April and it was FREEZING!!! No joke- it was literally 34 degrees and started spitting rain/ sleet at the end of the session. We ended up only shooting for a grand total of 20 minutes the first time because it was miserable. HOWEVER- they never complained once! (Their whinny photographer might have been a different story however!)

So, we decided that they deserved a 2nd shot at a pretty, warm engagement session. Fast forward to late May. We plan the date, it's in the mid 80's for 4 days leading up to their session... you know where this is going, right?! The day of their session- we had a light frost on the ground. It was nowhere NEAR the 80's- or the 70's for that matter! But as long as we stayed in the sunlight it was okay. Again, they never complained.

Their late July wedding- let's hope your luck holds out for cooler weather again!!! Haha!

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