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Kelby & Jeff's Engagement Session!

Happy Saturday evening, friends! I hope the weekend is treating you well and everyone is getting a chance to relax- I actually did as well for a change, and it was amazing! Well, by relax I also mean that I worked on editing, but whatever!

I am so excited to share Kelby & Jeff's engagement session with you guys tonight! It was such an awesome time and if you look very closely you might even see a tiny photo bomber in the very first shot! There was a cow that wanted to be in pictures I guess!

We shot the first part of their session at her brother's farm and I love when we can shoot at private locations that mean something special to the couple. For the second half we went to Chateau De Pique Winery. Needless to say, it was stunning!They picked that location because they got engaged at a winery- how sweet is that?! It was a gorgeous day and I am still amazed at these cooler fall like temps we are having this early in September!

Thank you to Kelby and Jeff for asking us to capture these memories as well as your wedding next year! I literally cannot wait for it! I am truly blessed to work the best of the best couples and these two are no exception!

Have a wonderful evening,


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