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Lynne & Kraig (and little Miss Barley, too!)

Okay, this blog post comes with a slight warning label. Warning- get comfy because you are going to be here for a while. To say that I had a difficult time narrowing down favorites for the blog is a bit of an understatement. I started to narrow it down a little more before I got started writing this and then I realized that wait- I'm the boss! I can share 70 of my favorite images if I want to! Sometimes it's good to be in charge!

Lynne & Kraig came to 1492 by referral from another of our couples which is how we love it. When our brides and grooms love their experience with us so much that they share it with their family and friends it means the world to us!

These two, who met in Physical Therapy school, just recently added 4 paws to their household and let me just tell you, they are some of the cutest paws I have ever photographed! And just wait until you see how we included their pup in the ring shot! That's right- they let me take their expensive engagement ring and pose it with their puppy! Goodness I love my couples!!

We shot their entire session in a couple of special areas around downtown Indianapolis and it made me realize that I really need to get up there and do more engagement sessions! I love the vibe and all of the amazing little areas! I honestly could have kept photographing them all day but we cut it off after 2 hours!

I cannot wait for their August wedding! It is going to be the most amazing downtown Indy wedding, ever!

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