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Vendor Spotlight- The Inn at Irwin Gardens

I am so excited to start this new blog series! I know that right now is an incredibly difficult time for everyone, and I wanted to find a way to bring just a little bit of happiness into the lives of, not only our followers, but my fellow wedding vendors. You guys, the wedding industry has been hit HARD. When I stop to think about it I get nauseous because it's bad. I am seeing vendors posting almost daily that they have made the incredibly difficult decision to close their business permanently due to the effects of COVID-19. And please- before I get any hate messages and mail- I know all the industries have been hit hard. I know, I get it! BUT, I work in the wedding industry so that's where my focus is.

I wanted to find a way to help these amazing friends that I have made in the industry, and I thought- why not build them each their own personal blog to highlight them and what makes them special?! So here we go! Wedding Wednesdays is happening y'all!

Every Wednesday we will be featuring an amazing friend-dor (think friend and vendor) to share what makes them amazing. We have venues, wedding planners, DJ's, bakers, catering, florists- you name it and we are working with them! After 9 years in the wedding business, I have met some of the best of the best. I know what vendor feel the same way I do- this isn't a job for us. It's our passion. And these like minded people are who I am featuring. So you can bet if we are featuring them on our website- they are who we'd use if we were planning an event. Hands down!

Up first, is Brittany with The Inn at Irwin Gardens. Brittany is the wedding coordinator for Irwin and she is AMAZING at what she does! When I work a wedding with her, I know the day will be smooth sailing no matter what happens because she is on the ball with every situation that might arise.

We sat down with Brittany (virtually, of course!) and asked her a bunch of questions so that you could get to know her and The Inn at Irwin Gardens just a little bit better. And since no blog is complete without images- we have tons of those as well!

Here we go! (Anyone else say that in a Mario accent? Just me? Sweet...)

Tell us a bit about how you got started working at Irwin..

I was getting married at the venue I currently work at now. I applied for their Wedding/Event Coordinator position in Sept of 2014 and got the job! A decision I won’t ever regret.

Tell us about what your favorite part is working in the wedding industry.

My favorite part would be meeting new people and the challenge. Each event and wedding are so different I love the diversity it gives.

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what the process is so that couples know what to expect?

The Inn at Irwin Gardens isn’t just any venue.... it is the mysterious gem of Columbus Indiana. I have had many brides/clients say they remember playing in the gardens when they were kids and now they are getting married in them or hosting an event. We are also a venue who is there to help in anyway possible. We are a historic venue so we do have some limitations.... but if we can say yes then we do. Personally, I am here to help so I tell the clients to call, text, or email me anytime! I respond within 24-48 hours at most. Normally it’s within 20min.If they know a certain date then the earlier the better. We book fast! End of May through Mid October is our wedding season. And we only do two weddings a month. I have had some booked 2-3years in advance.

What inspires your creativity?

My creativity is inspired by my kids. A child sees the world in the most simple item. This is how I can take an event/wedding and make it blossom into what the client desires/a memorable one!

I actually had the chance to photograph Brittany and her adorable family last fall! Here are one of my favorites of her with the kids.

What is one tip you would give a couple who is just starting to plan their wedding?

Well could I give two? One for business and one personally? - get a wedding planner!- we are worth the cost. Trust me I have seen a wedding go south fast without one. It’s awful to watch. - keep it simple....nobody is going to remember that the shade of the tablecloth didn’t match the lettering on the name card at the table.

What is one of the funniest/ most memorable moments that has happened to you on a wedding day?

To be honest I have had many moments that were funny the next day but not funny at the moment. Most memorable would be a bride I had two years ago in October, she was my last one of that season, emailed me three days ago..... she emailed to see how I was doing and if she could help me in anyway during this pandemic. I cried a little for the simple fact she thought of me during this hard time for people within our industry. I will always remember her wedding because she had the most dramatic entrance I have ever been apart of. I held my breath the entire time. I had nightmares before her wedding that she was going to fall and break her neck.....

(Okay, we are going to need to do a follow up and get more on this entry story for sure! I can't be the only one who is intrigued, right?!)

What is your favorite part of wedding days?

My most favorite part and when I can actually breathe again is when the bride is walking down the aisle. I get chocked up every time.

Oh man. That gets me every time as well!

Okay, so that is all of our interview with Brittany and The Inn at Irwin Gardens. However, I thought it would be fun to throw her a curve ball here at the end that she won't know about until this goes live.

I asked two of our couples who worked with Brittany to tell about their experience. I don't want this series to just feel like me promoting only my friends. I want you to hear about these vendors from someone who actually paid for their services. Someone that had the option of using one of dozens of other venues and coordinators but signed with Irwin and Brittany. So here we have a couple members of our #1492bridetribe to give you their thoughts.

We loved working with Brittany at Irwin Gardens. She organized the whole day perfectly, and we didn't have to worry about anything!! She kept in great communication with us, and always felt like a good friend through the whole process! Mr. & Mrs. Dawson

Brittany is the total package! She is an instrumental partner for a bride, groom, and the family on one of the most anticipated and nerve-racking days for a bride. She knows the answer to every question that you can imagine in regards to having a wedding at the Inn. She recommends  the best vendors to use, gives valuable tips and tricks, and gives you confidence that everything is going to go smoothly. Brittany is truly a joy to work with and I am so glad she and her staff were part of our wedding day. Mr. & Mrs. Martinez

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