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Wedding Wednesdays- Leslie White, owner of Indy Bridal Co.

It's Wedding Wednesday and we are learning all about one of our favorites- Indy Bridal Co. with the owner, Leslie White! Here we go!

Tell me a bit about your business.

I am a special occasion makeup artist and hair stylist.Typically I work with brides and their wedding parties but clients also reach out to me for corporate events, as well as media in film and print  

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I went to Cosmetology school in the south side of Chicago , transferred by license and moved to southern Indiana. I was working in a salon and one of my clients asked me to do her hair for her wedding. She also asked me if I knew any makeup artists. I couldn't help but laugh. At that time it wasn't normal to see every other people saying they "do makeup". Even to me in the industry, knowing a makeup artist wasn't a thing. Makeup artists are people that work Hollywood movies. The select few people I knew of that did makeup was more heavier. full face makeup, this client wanted subtle, natural makeup. So she asked me to see what I could do and she liked it. Over the next couple months her photographer reached out to me and asked if I "did weddings" and I said sure why not. I was taught to always keep learning and expand my skill. Since I was already licensed by the state, I was able to fully jump into pursuing wedding hair and makeup as a income source. The wedding industry is pretty small in Indiana so I was able to expand my name rather quickly by referrals and connecting with other vendors in the industry. 

What is your favorite part of working in the wedding and event industry?

I love the community of wedding vendors. Our careers are unique. The wedding industry has changed so much in just 20 years and is always changing that the business side of it is always learning and growing. We all understand how hard it is to be a small business an help build each other up non stop. 

What should couples know about working with you and the process?

Please use my knowledge and expertise to your advantage! As I mentioned before, the industry is small in Indiana, we know all the best of the best to fit your needs. On a tight budget? We know some vendors. Want to go lavish? We know some vendors. How about wanting a unique experience? We know some vendors. Even if you have no idea what you want, defer to the people you have hired. If they are professionals, they can help guide you to a wonderful experience. 

What inspires your creativity?

Seeing other artists succeed at their craft. It's empowering to the arts and makes me want to be inspiring as well. 

How early should couples plan to book with you for their event?

Typically for popular wedding days I book out  book out 8 months to a year for Saturday weddings. Friday or Sunday weddings I often book 6 months before but Friday and Sundays aren't as often. 

What is one tip you would give a couple planning their wedding day?

Do your research, look at reviews and interview your vendors. Do not book any vendor without a contract. These contracts for your wedding protect your investment with them just as much as it protects your artists investment in you. 

What is one of the funniest/ most memorable moments of your career?

I have so many precious moments with my brides and there are a lot that are too personal for them to share, funniest moments don't happen much but FUN ones do. I was working a wedding and it was just the bride in the room while I was setting up. She was so anxious and nervous that she asked me to have a dance break with me. I am not much of a dancer but I cant say no to my brides. I stopped what I was doing and we danced the jitters away. For those 5 minutes of that dance break, nothing else mattered and we were both smiling huge smiles when the song ended. 

What is your favorite part of wedding days?

The energy! In my years of working in customer service I have learned to observe more than I speak so I can read moods and body language really well by now and it has served me well. So I can feel the intensity of emotions in the room when a bride reads a private love note, too nervous to eat anything, or gets all the eyes staring at her in her dress for the first time. It is really a privilege to be asked to be a part of these private emotions.  

Want to contact Leslie and her amazing team for your wedding or event? Here are all of the details!

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