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Wedding Wednesdays- Lady Lou's Event Planning

It's Wednesday which means we are interviewing another of our favorite wedding vendors! Today, we are interviewing Mackinze who is the owner of Lady Lou's Event Planning based out of Lafayette, Indiana.

Tell me a bit about your business, and how did you get started in the wedding industry?

Growing up my mom, Angie, has always hosted different types of events so I have always been involved in creating and hosting. As long as I can remember, I was always helping whether it was putting decor together or helping organizing linens. When it was time for me to go off to college, I decided I wanted to continue being involved in the wedding and event planning industry. While in college, I assisted in planning events for my sorority and other organizations I was involved with on campus. At the same time, I was helping my mom plan events and weddings in our hometown.

What is your favorite part of working in the wedding and event industry?

My favorite part of working in the wedding and event industry is that it is never the same! When it comes to planning an event or a wedding, there are always so many new ideas, decor, vendors and pretty much anything you can think of. We have done weddings that were hosted in the backyard to weddings hosted in airport hangars! For weddings, each couple has their own story and that is portrayed on their special day. No wedding is alike because no couple is the same. It is always something new and different, and we love it!

What should couples know about working with you and the process?

Couples should know that we are a family run business! Couples will always be in direct contact with myself and/or my mom when it comes to planning and executing their special day. We are very “hands on” and will be with you on every step of the way. If we need to bring in large equipment or decor, we have our boys, as we like to call them, come in and help us out. On the big day, we bring in family members who are licensed cosmetologists and servers to assist on making the big day run smoothly. We are here to make your special day one of the best days of your life.

What inspires your creativity?

I like to say that I can be pretty creative, but you do not know the definition of “creativity” until you met Angie. She is the most “out of the box” person and always comes up with the most unique and amazing ideas. We are always inspired by the couples interests and story of their relationship. It is always the best feeling to see how unique we can make each event and wedding so it is like no other.

(Angie hand made this custom bouquet and the one below for some of our brides!!)

How early should couples plan to book with you for their event?

If a couple is wanting to book us for complete wedding planning, it is always best to contact us as soon as possible. We say this so we can help with selecting vendors in a timely fashion. If couples are interested in booking us for Day Of Coordinator, couples can book as soon as possible or a few months prior to their wedding date. It is always best to book anything for your wedding or event as soon as possible so nothing is behind and you are starting your journey smoothly!

What is one tip you would give a couple planning their wedding day?

My biggest tip is to not procrastinate when it comes to any planning. It might seem cliche but the more planning you get done earlier and the less stressed you will be leading up to your wedding day. You might be a year out from your wedding date, but you want to start booking all your vendors as soon as possible because wedding vendors book extremely fast. Also, the closer you are to your wedding date, the more events you will have leading up to the big day like the Bridal Shower, brunches and more that you will want to enjoy stress free! That is one of the biggest parts of your wedding that we can help you with!

What is one of the funniest/ most memorable moments of your career?

The most memorable moment of my career was the first time I was head coordinator for a wedding. This happened right after graduating from college, we got connected with Matt Painter, Purdue’s Men Basketball Coach, and his wife to plan and coordinate their entire wedding. The Painter Wedding was my first booked event after graduating and we were in charge of the complete planning and coordinating of the wedding. We had a short amount of time to plan their wedding, but it went flawlessly. It was such a memorable experience and great time as being head coordinator.

What is your favorite part of wedding days?

I actually have two favorite parts on wedding days. My first favorite part of the wedding day is when I send the wedding party down the aisle during the ceremony. This moment to me is so special because I always get to talk with the Bride and Groom before they go down the aisle. It is small talk but seeing how excited they are to be walking down the aisle is so special. I am always asked to adjust a tie or make sure the dress train is perfectly pulled out, but it's those moments where I make sure everything is just perfect right before they walk down the aisle. The other moment is during the reception when the dancing and socializing begins. This part of the reception I always take a moment and look at what all the planning has led to. All the decor, the vendors, all the guests, but most importantly seeing how happy the Newlyweds are. Just taking a moment to take everything in and then getting right back to work!

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