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Just a little bit of fun!

Okay, let's all agree that this weekend went by WAY too fast. I could do the good business person thing and blog about how we are booking 2017 weddings at a fast rate of speed but I think this morning calls for something a little more fun.

This weekend we finally had some snow! (Okay, no it didn't amount to anything but it was pretty to look at so there is that!) While my little guy and his pup ran around playing in it like crazies, I grabbed my macro lens and had fun trying to capture shots of individual snow flakes. Um, let me tell you- this was really hard!! They still aren't perfect but I love them so I wanted to share them with you as you sit in the warmth of your office. Also, I really need to learn how to shoot with gloves on because my hands were frozen by the time we got back inside!

I can't wait until we get some real, actual snow so that we can do these epic snow sessions that I have planned! Until then, enjoy!

So this one above, while not perfectly in focus is one of my favorites. I love how you can see the snowflake is balanced on just a tiny tip!

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