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Summer Hours

Good morning! So last year I announced that I would be taking the summer months off to spend with my family since I know that I only have so many years with them. I was terrified that I would have a huge drop in clients and that this would upset people. However, my amazing clients proved me wrong. Not only did you support my decision to greatly reduce my hours over summer vacation, but several of you even praised that very tough choice! I seriously work with the most amazing clients!

So, with that in mind, and summer break literally just around the corner, we are once again announcing that we will be doing reduced hours this summer. All of the sessions that are booked are all that we will be taking. You might also notice an increased amount of time for me to respond to emails and texts. I will still be checking in, but it just won't be multiple times a day.

Also, this year we are going to take July totally off- think radio silence. No blogs, no Facebook posts, no work-related Instagram messages- nothing. I am super nervous and yet crazy excited about this. However, if you want to see the more personal side I'm sure I will still be posting on Instagram pictures of our summer adventures. Go ahead and follow us- we're happy to have you! (Of course, we will still be shooting already scheduled weddings- no worries!!)

So bring on summer and the madness that goes along with it! The lake is calling our name and I can't wait to respond!

Happy almost-summer, friends!


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